Monday, June 24, 2013

My Monkey Boy

When did my boy become a long-legged. long-armed little man, and whose idea was that???

I find myself looking at him often lately and marvelling at him as he grows and changes. I hate to sound sappy but, how did I get so freaking lucky to be his mom and to help him grow into the amazing adult that he is going to be?

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

For my knitter friends...

I present some of the strange knitted things I have come across lately:

 The amount of work that went into this astounds me!

 (forget the stool leg warmers, look at the Aran sweater slip cover on the couch!!)

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Gratuitous Puppy Post

 Barb requested a puppy post with photos, so here you go.

Molly joined our family a week ago today. Her official name (registered with the American Kennel Club) is Molly Woggenstein.

I have been wanting another dog, specifically another golden retriever, ever since Finnigan died two years ago. But the husband wasn't on board. He said he liked having fewer animals in our small house. Plus, I think he is still seriously grieving finny. We all are,actually. Finny was a pain in the butt at times, but also an amazing love sponge and our first dog. You don't get over that very quickly, if ever.

I had been watching a  rescue dog (see previous post)  hoping to get him, but we were not the only family wanting him, and it wasn't clear if he'd be good with other dogs, or cats, of kids, so that was iffy. And we went to the dog park last weekend and saw a golden puppy that melted my heart, so Tuesday morning I decided just to browse Craig's List to see if there were any purebread or mix puppies available.

Well, whaddya know? there was a breeder in Chugiak (about 15 miles north) with a litter and there was only one left, a female. So I sent the listing to the husband, and then called him every half hour to see what he thought. Eventually he agreed (perhaps just to end the calls?) and I rushed out at lunch to get her before someone else did.

Now she's my little baby!@

Ferguson loves her (although he has put her firmly in her place as second in line at the food bowls), and the boy is over the moon too.

She is as adorable as she looks, loves to snuggle and after a bath and some time nuzzled against my neck, picking up the scent of my Vanilla Raspberry body spray, she smells heavenly!!

So, enjoy some puppy po--rn:

 (She's not goign to try to steal my snuggly, is she???)

Thursday, July 26, 2012

A golden opportunity

Last night several people posted comments on a Facebook post from a local animal rescue about a dog named Buddy and I took a look and fell immediately in love and felt I NEEDED to adopt him! 

He's been terribly neglected and is skin and bones and will need to have his tail removed. Poor baby! Who could do that?

I called them this morning and requested an adoption application. They said he won't be available for a while and said that's OK, I'll wait.

I really want this dog, I hope it works out. he needs our love and we need his.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


I met a friend who still works in my old office for lunch today, and that person (being vague here as to not get anyone in trouble) brought me the July issue of the magazine. And I was stunned to see the "letter of the month" chosen by the new editor.

This offends me on so many levels; journalistically, ethically, rationally, "don't-feed-the-trolls-ally"...

There is no end to how many ways I disagree with this letter being published in a magazine that also discusses science. And no end to how sad I feel that this is the direction the magazine I once felt truly proud to work for, is going.

(click to embiggenify)

Friday, May 18, 2012

I have a shoe problem

I never, ever thought I would say I have a shoe problem.

 I am the LAST person in the world to collect shoes. In the past I have seriously found a pair of shoes I liked and worn them to death, owning just a few other specialty shoes as needed (like sneakers, rain and snow boots).

However, about 2 years ago when I began having foot problems (anyone remember angry ankle and arch?), I discovered Danskos. 

After I got out of my ankle boot cast, I started wearing these because they had excellent arch support and I could fit my foot into them with my arch support wrap (that has an air bladder under the arch to keep it in place).

And wow, were they comfy!

But then winter came and I needed something more shoe-like, so i decided to get a pair with a covered back. I really wanted the cherry red ones but I was too timid to get them so I got copper instead. 

And I wanted purple but they didn't have them in stock at the store I like to buy them at (Skinny Raven, for anyone wanting to shop in Anchorage), so I got blue. And I realized that having multiple pairs of Danskos was like having a favorite pair of shoes i wore to death, but in various colors, because they all feel the same and sooo comfy!

So, a year or so passed, and I was just browsing the Danskos site (as one does), and found these sweet babies:

And then, when I was at the store buying them, they happened to have purple in stock, so I got them too.

And then I realized as the warmer weather approached that I had no decent looking sandals for the summer, so the other day I got these:

(which look like salmon skin, or dinosaur skin, depending on your age and perspective) and are OHMYGAH comfy, they feel just like regular Danskos but are sandals.

And when i was checking out I realized that if I bought juuuust one more pair, I'd get a pair free, since my frequency card at Skinny Raven would be full. so how could I not, right??

So I bought these amazing puppies:

(limited edition, if I didn't get them now, they would be gone)

and finally felt confident enough to get these:

(which I am wearing today).

So, that's that then. 

Except I still have a wish list.

Help! Somebody call Candy Finnigan, I think I need an intervention.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Such is my life

The husband is away for a few days on business and I was feeling a bit low yesterday, so when the boy suggested Applebees for dinner (which he does almost every night and I say no almost every night), I said yes. It was 5:00 so I knew we would get a cheap meal by eating off the 1/2 price appetizers menu (indeed, we both ate and brought home leftovers for lunch today for $18).

I should have known not to go on a Tuesday. Our favorite waiter, Darrin, works Wed.-Sun.(we've been going to Applebees with the boy and sitting in Darrin's section since the day the boy got out of the NICU in 2005, so yeah, we're regulars. and Darrin treats us well because he was once a "guest' of the husband's when the husband worked in community corrections and says the husband was a nice, fair warden).

So, we had a guy I had never seen before, who was obviously new. it was not busy, and he only had three tables, but he took forever to come to us in the beginning then always looked rushed and disappeared for long periods of time.

When my food arrived it was cold and I had to flag down the manager to get it reheated. And then when it came back it was so hot I burned my mouth. That was not bad waiter's fault, but the next part was. Because the boy finished his soda! Darrin never lets us finish a soda without another one appearing. You only have to think "Gee, I'm almost finished this soda," and Darrin appears with a replacement. He's magic.

So, the boy finished his soda, and reached across the table for mine, and promptly knocked it over into my lap. And since the useless waiter had again disappeared, I was left to clean up the mess and wring out my jeans all alone (not that I wanted his help with the jeans part, but anyway).

All that to say, We should have just gone home and ordered pizza. (except I can't eat pizza these days because I have gone gluten free. But that's a story for another day.)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Well. It's been a while.

I've been at my new job 4 months now, and still love it. I spend my days designing ads and brochures and marketing displays and learning how to use software (indesign! photoshop! wordpress!). The people I work with and for are truly caring people and value my skills and experience and that makes all the difference in the world. I felt that way when I first arrived at Alaska magazine, but it slipped away as corporate took over and the good people left.

This was definitely a good move. Now I just have to figure out how to make those moves in my life without needing to be at crisis/breaking point. I need to recognize the signs and value my self enough to move on from situations before they take such a toll on my mental and physical health. (As I typed that I thought "Oh dear noodles, I've become my mother!" ha. But that's OK, I like my mom and I am learning the same lessons, just a bit faster than she did because I can see what she knows.).

My baby boy is getting ready to turn 7 and that is a bit shocking for me. He's lost both his front teeth and looks like a real kid now, not a baby at all any more. It's sad and cool at the same time.

I know some of you used to enjoy my Freelancing tips posts, and today, as I dealt with two different printing companies who surprised and exasperated me in turn, I discovered a whole new area of advice I can share:

Dear "professional" printing companies: Neither losing an estimate request nor ignoring the word "estimate" and telling me you misunderstood and it's already on the press schedule but you "might" be able to pull it, are good business models. Just sayin'.

Thursday, January 26, 2012


Wow, I haven't posted in a long time! i didn;t have the mental energy.

Things got really, really bad at work. Then they got worse. Then I quit.

I'm working now as the marketing and communications manager for a non-profit that provides before and after-school programming and summer camps. The same program the boy has been going to after school since his first day of kindergarten.

And. I. Love. It.

Everyone is nice and caring and the whole point is to provide quality programming for kids, whereas the whole point of my last job was to make money for an already filthy rich family. People here assume you know what you are doing until proven optherwise, which is the opposite of where I was. And we have a budget and are expected to spend it wisely, and not constantly asked to do more with less, and all profits go into improving services. Unlike...well, you get it.

I'm not sure how often I will post but I can feel my head rising above the water line.

So, HI!

Monday, November 14, 2011


I had a big, work-related disappointment on Friday and while I was OK all weekend, Monday morning is sitting on my chest like a lead weight. I am sad and angry and disillusioned.

How are you?